Art of Cuba, Queen Gallery: 382 Queen St.
382 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5A 1T1

Arte caribeño “A group painting exhibition”

Select Caribbean Artists now being represented by Queen Gallery.   Manuel Hernandez Valdez, Milene Busutil Salgado, Alexeir Diaz Bravo, Jorge Delgado Gutiérrez, Elías Federico Acosta Pérez, and more.

[Note: All apparently Cuban artists: why is the exhibit called Caribeño?]

June 4 -June 29, 2010
Saturday 1-5 pm
Tuesday – Friday 11am–6pm

Opening reception:
Saturday June 5, 2010, 2-6 pm

In this exhibition, there is a real ‘life’ to the works, a happiness and light that can only come from a place with such island colours and radiant sun. This exhibition showcases vibrant, colourful works from contemporary Caribbean artists illustrating a culture of art and imagination. With abstract, surrealist, and figurative works, we learn about the people of the Caribbean through their colours and contemporary styles and ideas.

On the canvases from Manuel, the greens, oranges, blues and yellows vibrate. Even in the predominantly black and white works from Jorge Delgado Gutierrez, although there is minimal colour, the textures are lively and animated. Milene Busutil Salgado translates dreams, history, and poetry into paintings.  Visually, she aims to engrave the image in the observer’s mind.  In these energized works, one can see the legacy of preceding masters’ skill, with the addition of a refined, contemporary Caribbean style.  While viewing these pieces one perceives a whole world, a personality, a culture, which words are not aptly able to describe.

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  1. Why not Caribeño? Cuba, the biggest island of the Antilles, is located in the Caribbean Sea. We are also Caribeños, as everybody else in the other islands.

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