Sat afternoon: Toronto Casino Rueda Practice

Joseph hosts this, and says:

Do you want actually dance CASINO, and not LA or NY styles, in your ruedas? Me too.

Anyone want to meet regulary to do some casino rueda, Cuban style?

I am not a professional or dance instructor. You teach me what you know and I teach you what I know. The important thing is to keep dancing.

As it turns out, we are meeting every Saturday downtown, 12-3 PM in a central downtown location. And alternate Thursdays, about 8-10 pm, same location. Find out more details by emailing: joseph kim <>. There is no FINANCIAL cost… but you WILL be required to sweat… dancing with “vigah”… to 100% Cuban timba music. Join the mailing list via Facebook to be updated on last minute changes.

Click here to see a team performance we put on at the recent Pupy show.

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