Whitby: Casino Dance lessons on Mondays

Whitby Ontario, east of Toronto: MONDAY group and private lessons in Casino (cuban style salsa) dancing… close by if you live in Ajax or Oshawa… or if you live anywhere in Durham, you won’t get a better chance than this to learn the real thing.

With el pianista rumbero , Orlando Cardoso, phone Claudia at LA Hair (905) 556-9967.

Also… Orlando plays Saturdays at South Restaurant, Ajax (previously Havana Nights) with a small Cuban band. In between sets, there’s could be  a Rueda de Casino… join in!

Durham region has sabor de Cuba… !

5 thoughts on “Whitby: Casino Dance lessons on Mondays”

    1. Hi Zenaida, I don’t think Orlando reads this page closely. You could try his teaching partner, who is Claudia at LA Hair … (905) 556-9967… good luck !

  1. Has there been any confirmation that they are teaching? I have tried calling the number and left messages but no one has called back.

  2. @Carlos
    Hi Carlos, I have been taking a rueda class on Monday, I am pretty sure things are “on”. Give them a day or so more to get back to you, I’ll mention your messages when I see them.

  3. @Carlos
    Hey Carlos, I asked Claudia if she got the message while we were dancing last night. She didn’t … to put a lock on it, can you call Tues = Saturday, in the afternoon, ask for Claudia… (905) 556-9967

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