Eliades Ochoa, BV Social Club, Royal Theatre, Apr 23 and 24

UPDATE: Tickets on sale Tuesday March 2 at ticketmaster.

Billy Bryans posted this poster of Eliades Ochoa, and an earlier version of Buena Vista Social Club for a coming concert, April 23 and 24.

Information is sketchy so far, but we’ll keep you posted of what we hear!

A similar show, featuring some of the great classic talents of  Cuba including pianist Peruchin, and singers Las d’Aida was presented in the same space, in December 2008, I was lucky enough to be there.

So I (an admin here at CIT) can vouch for the fact: this is one of the best spaces in the world to see this kind of show.

The Royal is a classic theatre, completely renovated for comfort and for technical “state of the art” by a previous owner “Theatre D”, truly intimate by virtue of the original architect’s design… adds up to a night you will not forget.  I don’t think there is a venue in Cuba that could satisfy your senses as well as this one…

Well worth the price, expected to be $59.

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