Thoughts about the media and music…

Ponderings: Cuban radio is interesting food for thought…  what it means to be “first world”… here in Canada … unlike Cuba!

The more you think, the more we have it backwards.  About who’s on the force-feed diet… and who has the freedom to hear and choose what they like.

One Cuban show has put on a few Nellie Furtado songs each day, all week.  They’ve done similar before for Sarah McLaughlin, and other more current artists.  And that’s just the Canadians, they play the current hot music from everywhere.  Not all fabulous to be sure.  But, representative.

Do you expect to hear Charanga Habanera, even just ONE song, EVER, on ANY Canadian station?

Except if Billy Bryans leans on somebody at the CBC, when they are in town?

We live in a music market that is owned by Big Music, so all we ever hear is the stuff Big Music wants us to buy from them.

The CBC does a lot of world music dabbling.

But when you compare to Cuban radio, even the CBC does a mediocre job.  It seems like field recordings of distant curiosities.  The force of “happening music” elsewhere is missing… it seems to me… we have no sense of the heat, the excitement of musical cultures other than “this one”.

That’s why so many Canadian tourists to Cuba go time after time and still have no idea what is Cuban music.  They assume there is no “real” music but “ours” (or rather, the one that is presented to them on radio)…  and the resorts give them what they want, by and large.

Maybe the web, e.g. Youtube, can help change that…

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One thought on “Thoughts about the media and music…”

  1. It’s like everything else: driven by different forces. For better or for worse – there it’s not the market, nor the advertisers, nor the listeners. Whoever’s got the mike does what he pleases, as long as it is not politically (too) offensive.

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