Baila en Cuba, in Havana this week

Iran is working with enriched uranium for purposes unknown.  CERN is simulating cosmic events that have only taken place in deep space before.

But the scariest high-energy experiment is on right now in Havana, Baila en Cuba.

Even in Havana, it’s an amazing event.  A dozen… and more…  of Cuba’s very best dance bands in the same event?  Dedicated to the dance and music of Cuba, taking place in the magic city itself, Havana? The best authorities talking, dancing, playing the music day and night for a week?

Van Van… Pupy… Charanga Habanera… Paulo FG.  Bamboleo, Azucar Negra, Manolito.

Elito Reve, Pachito Alonso, NG La Banda.  And more…

AND… throwing in the biggest fans from everywhere, of the “real thing” — cuban style ?  You’d think there could be some sort of chain reaction…

Baila en Cuba is on right now.

And we notice that a Montreal firm Cuba La Vida has sponsored a trip down there.  So as we speak, volunteers are subjecting themselves to untested and scary concentrations of Cubania… cross your fingers for them!  Or wish you were there ;-).

Check out the Cuba La Vida site for other treats, like Cubania you can order by mail.  Guayaberas, coming soon.  The music selection is off to a promising start. 

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