Cuba Tradicional at Young Centre, North York

Drop in for a special 1 hour show of Cuban Traditional music at Young Centre, North York $20 as part of Canwest Cabaret series.

Inspired by Cuban music icons of the early 20th century such as Miguel Matamoros, Ignacio Piñeiro and Los Compadres, Luis Mario Ochoa presents his latest project: The Cuba Tradicional Sextet. The band recreates in its authentic form the son Cubano, the most popular of the Cuban genres: a result of the blending of Spanish and African roots in the Caribbean island. This was the pre-Buena Vista Social Club era of Cuba in the 1920\’s and 30\’s. The Cuba Tradicional Sextet features bandleader Luis Mario Ochoa on lead vocals and guitar, Pablosky Rosales on vocals and tres guitar, Alexander Brown on trumpet, Paco Luviano on bass, and Rosendo \”Chendy\” Len Junior and Senior on back vocals and percussion.

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