Some Pupy pix and videos, Oct 23 show Toronto

Note from Sophie, owner of the Cuba in Toronto. com site and also concert promoter:

Roger Humbert from The Live Music Report  posted some lovely pics form the night. There will also be more. They really tell the story of the night and what a great night – The little impromptu performance in the intermission was from members of the Flying steps a Hip Hop crew in town to work on the movie set that I was working on called BEAT THE WORLD.

With permission from Roger, here’s a sampling:

Note from Ricardito, other admin here: Youtube has a video of the rueda group I’ve been involved with…  great work team, and thanks to our great leader Trevor… and the “world-class” founder of the Toronto Casino Rueda Practice: Joseph !  And all the people who come out, and the 8 who did the show as the “Red Rocket Rumberos”.  No that’s not Pupy playing Cabeza Mala, it was done during the pre-show Cuban Dance Fest 😉

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