Roberto Linares Brown Orq – Lula Lounge, New Years Eve

Bandleader/arranger/pianist/composer extraordinaire Roberto Linares Brown presents an all-star line-up of the finest Cuban musicians in the country.  If you were at the Pupy show, you saw Pupy hand over his piano to the man … and let Roberto rock the house for a while.

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Roberto Linares Brown began his profesional career with Valentin y Los Del Caribe where he learned an international repertoire playing at the tourist resorts and showbars throughout Cuba. Roberto moved to Havana where he joined the legendary timba group Azucar Negra as piano player. But it was in 2001 when he joined Adalberto Alvarez y su Son as pianist and arranger that Roberto Linares Brown got to display the full range of his considerable talents. Over the course of three albums and countless tours throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America, Roberto Lineras Brown gained the reputation as one of Cuba’s most talented arrangers and composers. Since moving to Toronto in 2004, Roberto has performed with Cafe Cubano, Yani Borrell,and is part of the Salsa Africa project.

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  1. It will be a part of the Cuban dance festival week-end.
    $5 off Roberto Linares night coupons for ALL coming to PUPY concert and/or attending the dance workshops .

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