Interactivo members Telmary, del Rio, Carcassés: 1093 Queen W Sep 26

NEWS: Cuban Rap Group Ogguere added to the show.

and PINK Tickets are ready: go to any of these events at the Havana Cultura Festival, and enjoy the Cuban sabor.  Our spy will be in attendance.  If she sees people adding to the “gozo Cubano”… she’ll be giving out 5 free pink complimentary tickets throughout this week-end to the show of Pupy y Los Que Son Son, on Oct 23 at the Phoenix.

A diário… los r-r-r-rrevolucionários !

Here in Toronto together for the first time… from the country most famous for rebels… here are the foremost musical revolutionaries  of their generation.

Interactivo are a collective of some of the most prominent musicians from the new wave of musicians who have transformed Cuban music in the last decade.  Here are three of the most inventive members together.

This Interactivo concert features pianist/composer music director Roberto Carcassés, singer/sonero Francis del Rio and jazz-poet rapera Telmary backed up by the cream of the Toronto Cuban music scene. This will be a concert to remember!
There are also sets this evening from

Elmer Ferrer


Glenda E. del Monte and Mixology.

Telmary … ¡ revolucionário !

Francis del Rio has been doing the carnival comparsa song Girasoles for many years… but the version he does with Interactivo just gets tighter and better all the time…

First, Director Roberto Carcasses looks back over the band and it’s history… then Francis with Girasoles, arrollandooooooo….

Telmary … if you can’t do it in a bar with pickup musicians, you can’t call yourself a revolutionary ;-).

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5 thoughts on “Interactivo members Telmary, del Rio, Carcassés: 1093 Queen W Sep 26”

  1. I think you are right. Ogguere was in the original plan, but we have to guess there were some of the customary Cuban travel issues to resolve… and they were dropped on the event web site.

    Now it appears the issues are resolved, organizer Billy Bryans has stated they will be there.

  2. We got completely soaked but the music was tremendous so stayed until the end anyway. I hope that tomorrow it will be explosive at the Gladstone everyone taking advantage of the fact that it will be inside .
    JC and I could not even make it to Lula afterwards.

  3. @admin it was good to see you & you’re right: the show was great. soaked out but great, and a pretty good number of people, all things considered. and free umbrellas from Havana Club was a nice touch. 😉

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