Cuban vocalist Netto Man, Sept 25 at Lula

As part of the Havana Cultural Festival, Cuban vocalist Netto man performs live with DJs Chocolate, Patrick Roots and Friendlyness followed by live Reggae with the Mountainedge Crew.

Ernesto Brooks ( a.k.a Netto Man) was born in Havana, Cuba, first appearing with the Cuban group Klan-Destino which mixed reggaeton with Indian, ragga, r&b, and latin rhythms. He has performed with Paulito FG, Charanga Habanera, Pedrito Calvo, and Aldalberto Alvarez y Su Son. A resident of Toronto since 2005, Netto’s work with Roberto Linares Brown and Yeti Ajasin of Lady Son has earned him a reputation as one of Canada’s leading Latin/hip-hop/reggae fusion artists.(The picture below is by Roger Humbert. He would probably send us a high res version if we asked.)

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