From New Orleans… Havana’s sister city: Irma Thomas at Harbourfront

One more “almost Cuban” posting…

It’s now accepted fact, that in the seminal period of the musics of New Orleans and Havana, they were each other’s strongest trade partners.  And many elements of culture and music crossed the water.  OK, that’s enough to justify Irma Thomas being here…

Who is Irma Thomas?  The Rolling Stones had a few key songs that made the world bow down for them … one of the big ones was called “Time is on My Side“.  Where’d they get it?  Don’t get her started on it, but… Irma.  They are having an “artist’s talk” at 6:30 PM

Queen of New Orleans R&B, the music that started Rock and Roll… and Mardi Gras Second Line.  If you don’t know about the musical culture of New Orleans, she’s going to tell you.

FREE at Harbourfront Centre. Sirius Stage
Sunday, September 6, 2009  9:30PM

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