Babaluu Rueda de Casino, past Tuesday night… Pupy tickets!

Congratulations, to the dancers in the regular crowd at Tuesday’s Rueda de Casino at Babaluu.  The dancers managed to win at the “Salsa Rueda contest”.

Surprise prize: dance a rueda at the Pupy Pedroso show in October!  Yours truly, was a temporary member of that group.

… Or rather… I should say, it was a tie.  A group did show up to do some Salsa Rueda.

“Wait a minute… Salsa Rueda” ?? you may ask?

That is what it said on the poster … no mention of the usual “Casino”, that has been filling the place every week.

“Salsa Rueda” is being used by US LA-style schools and congresses who think the time is ripe to market a new product… based on Cuban Rueda de Casino, adapted for the US market.

Relative to Cuban style, the dancing looked a bit hyper… heavy on stomping and clapping, light on finesse.  I guess it’s better that they call it a new name “Salsa Rueda”, after all we’d be less happy if they called it “Rueda de Casino” wouldn’t we ;-).

So now, at Pupy’s concert in October…  there will be two ruedas performing… a “Salsa Rueda”, and a “Rueda de Casino”.  If you want someone to point out Pupy to you, better ask one of the latter folks…   😉

(Admin B at CubaInToronto)

2 thoughts on “Babaluu Rueda de Casino, past Tuesday night… Pupy tickets!”

  1. Admin A here and promoter of the PUPY Y LOS QUE SON SON and Candido Fabre concert . Sophie (one of the promoters) decided to call it a tie because simply it was determined by audience support. The screams & Claps were exactly the same for both groups so in fact it was the audience who determined that it was a tie…. I will not pronounce any opinion whatsoever on the dancing -both did a good job. Next contest will be by actual vote I think it is the fairest thing to do .
    PS prepare for PUPY … prepare your ruedas and do it in costume . At Cubamemucho 2008 , the mexican team came all the way from Mexico city to Germany to compete. They were disqualified because they did not show up in costume.
    PS half of the STEPS group dancers are casineros as well .

  2. i was at the competition at babs on tuesday night, as well, and it seemed really unfair to bring an instructor in to choose the winner b/c it was promoted that winner would be determined by crowd. i think sophie was right to call it a tie–that was the only fair outcome. but either way, it was a lot of fun to watch: 2 very different groups, different styles, even. congrats to both teams.

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