Jen Paz movie on Cuban Music today

Ms Buzz says the trailer for the new film is now up:

The cover is finalized:

From the site: The mass reggaeton youth movement has managed to unhinge the authorities whose attempts at control simply fuel the phenomenon. Meanwhile, salsa musicians have had to chase collaborations with these new street superstars to stay on-trend. In turn, they’ve helped them overcome government restrictions on the genre by fusing salsa and reggaeton into an explosive rhythm cocktail no dancer can resist.

More below the fold…

This was discussing El Chacal’s recent collaboration with Charanga Habanera: “El Chacal is a star in the film that by the way is called “ANIMALS OF CUBAN MUSIC”.

El Chacal is the hot property in Reggaeton in Havana, let’s say… after Alexander of Gente d’Zona of course!”

Featuring: Gente de Zona, Charanga Habanera, Baby Lores, El Chacal, Bamboleo, Manolito Simonet Y Su Trabuco, Yulien Oviedo, Insurrecto, El Micha. Cameos and interviews: Los Van Van, Mayito Rivera, Roberton, Los Intocables, Mandy Cantero, RDR, Team Cuba, Paulito FG, Jose Luis Cortes

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