MEMORIES of 2007

Posting some videos of OKOKAN presentations from 2007 ..more will be coming
Thank You Duane Wrenn and Maribel from energetic soul performing at the June 1 2007 Manolito Simonet Y su Trabuco show @ Six Degrees .


Felix " PUPY" Insua who was at the Luminato festival stopped by to open the night with a transcendent Elegua.

Yoruba Andabo night FRI OCT 12 2007 at the Phoenix concert theatre. Pupy flew in from New York and performed a Rumba with Yeniset . Two days before the show we were informed that 4 visas were denied ( 2 male dancers – 2 singers) . How could we now make our precious audience happy?  We decided to fly down Pupy …and add a week-end workshop for Toronto dancers . It turned out that the decision was reversed the morning of the flight. We had all 16 Yoruba Andabo members plus Felix "Pupy " Insua one of their founding members .

Yoruba Andabo : Abakua performance

NEW !!! TANIA from BAMBOLEO is invited on stage to perform with Charanga Habanera in Toronto NOv 9 2007 at the Docks/ sound Academy